Jana Rozková (nee Černohausová) is an artist who handles a variety of themes using the classical technique of oil painting on canvas. Besides portraits, both real and fictitious, motifs inspired by everyday life appear. She also paints still life, capturing the poetry of ordinary things. Nature and personal experiences offer an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her work, as well.

The painter prefers to forget about herself and just listen to the language of colours. She offers the subjects that she paints a clear and blank space where they can present themselves freely. Her paintings are not supposed to scream, be flashy or impressive. Her intention is not to stun the viewer, but rather just show things as they are, in their simplicity, ordinariness and beauty.

Jana Rozková was a student of the painter and professor Radoslav Kutra. In the 1960s, he, along with F. Dvořák, M. Jemelka and J. Uiberlay, established a group of painters called Experiment, which played a significant role in shaping a new face of Czech painting. However, after 1968, too much "experimentation" was not desirable in occupied Czechoslovakia, and therefore, Radoslav Kutra decided to emigrate to Switzerland, where he established a private art school called Kunstseminar.

In 1994 -1995, Radoslav Kutra worked at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology. His teachings and ideas greatly inspired four female students (Jana Rozková, Doris Windlin, Marie Nováková and Kateřina Pinďáková - Rutherford), who, after graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1998, created Experiment 2, a group of painters following in the work of the above mentioned Experiment.

In 2006, the group was joined by Marie Smetanová. The members are connected not only by their friendship and common years spent at university, but also by their desire to achieve the objectives of the group, albeit in different ways.

The painters organize exhibitions and seminars together and meet annually to paint “en plein air” (Louka, Popov u Štítné nad Vláří, Sázava). They try to overcome exaggerated artistic individualism, which rules the contemporary art scene and return art to its foundations.