1974 Born in Kyjov, South Moravia, the Czech Republic
1988–92 Studied applied painting at SUPŠ in Brno (secondary school of applied arts)
1992–98 Studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology (MgA Miroslav Štolfa, Professor Radoslav Kutra, Professor Jiří Načeradský)
1994 Attended painting camp in Tuscany, Italy
1996 Founding member of EXPERIMENT 2 (painters M. Nováková, K. Rutherford, J. Rozková, D. Windlin, M. Smetanová - since 2006)
1997 Became permanent resident in Velké Němčice near Brno
1998 Began to hold painting courses for adults and youth in her studio
2007 Founding member of Alfons, an art group bringing together artists from the area of Hustopeče

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Gallery 99, Břeclav
2012 Café Club, Uherský Brod
2012 Kunstseminar Galerie, Luzern, CH
2009 Town Hall, Čakovice, Prague
2006 Efram Gallery, Mikulov
2006 Kunstseminar Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland
2001 Gallery At School, Kyjov

Participation in exhibitions - selection

2018 Art Group Alfons, Gallery, Otrokovice (CZ)
2013 Art Group Alfons, Bergerhaus, Gumpoldskirchen, Austria
2013 Exhibition “40 years of Kunstseminar”, Kornschütte, Luzern, Switzerland
2010 Art Group Alfons, Kabelwerk Palais, Vienna, Austria
2010 Participation in the project called Líšeňský profil by Kateřina Šedá, Brno-Sheffield, United Kingdom
2008 Exhibition "10 Jahre Artothek" ,Kunstseminar Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland
2008 Experiment 2, Malá Královopolská galerie, Brno (CZ)
2007 Experiment 2, Kunstseminar Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland
2007 Exhibition "Kunst & Wirtschaft" Veltlinerhof Rieder, Poysdorf, Austria
2007 Art Group Alfons, Bergerhaus, Gumpoldskirchen, Austria
2007 Exhibition together with Parnas, an art association, at Rosa Coeli Monastery, Dolní Kounice (CZ)
2006 Exhibition "Kunst & Wirtschaft" ,Veltlinerhof Rieder, Poysdorf, Austria
2006 Experiment 2, City Museum and Gallery in Hustopeče (CZ)
2005 Exhibition “10 years of "School of Vision", Sázava Monastery, Sázava (CZ)
2004 Experiment 2, Museum of Jan Amos Komenský, Uherský Brod (CZ)
2004 Participation in the international project Euroregio, Poysdorf, Austria
2004 Exhibition "Contacts", Eunika Art Hall, Modra, Slovakia
2003 Exhibition “30 years of Kunstseminar”, Gabäude des Finanzdepartements, Luzern, Switzerland
2002 Exhibition of artists from the area of Hustopeče, City Museum and Gallery in Hustopeče
2000 Experiment 2, Kunstseminar Gallery, Luzern Switzerland
1999 Experiment 2, Galerie u Rotundy, Týnec nad Sázavou (CZ)
1999 Experiment 2, City Museum and Gallery in Hustopeče (CZ)
1995 International Exchange Exhibition, Cultural Commission of Obwalden, Sarnen, Switzerland

Cited in

Lexicon of Czech and Slovak artists. Chagall Art Centre, Ostrava 2000

Catalogues of group exhibitions

2011 Catalogue Bildende Kunst und Soziokultur im Palais Kabelwerk
2010 IDENTITIES, bilingual catalogue for the exhibition "Mozaika" in Vienna. The project took place under the honorary patronage of His Excellency Dr. Jan Koukal, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Vienna
1999 Experiment 2, catalogue on the occasion of the founding of Experiment 2, text: Prof. R. Kutra

Presentation in public space

2010 Design of a flag for Orel Velké Němčice
2008 Painting for the kindergarten in Velké Němčice
2007 2 paintings for the Municipal Office in Velké Němčice
1997/2001 3 representative portraits of the deans for the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology


24 December 2007 Interview with Jana Rozková, the painter, Czech Radio Brno, by the interviewer Zdena Dufková